What’s our story?

Our goal

is to elevate the voices of non profit organizations through the communities they serve. The stories created become invaluable content that can be a powerful tool for fundraising, improving communications, raising awareness, mobilizing volunteers, and relationship building.

Our process

To amplify and elevate the voices we ask:
    * What stories are being told?
    * Who are the narrators of these stories?
    * Which perspectives are being centered?
    * Whose voices are being left out?
    * Which identities are being portrayed as the

Our work

  • Custom Workshops & Programs

  • Live Events

  • Digital Productions

Personal narrative story crafting workshops and programs are designed in partnership with nonprofits.
We produce live events as well as a variety of media including video, audio/podcasts, online workshops and performances.

Big Shoulders Stories Presents:

Building Breaking Rebuilding

Big Shoulders Stories produced a fabulous showcase of tellers sharing their stories - each one highlighting an amazing mission driven organization
from across our city!

My story

A born and bred Chicagoan, I’m a writer, producer, and active community leader. I’ve had many roles in my personal and professional career that all center on the power of storytelling. It’s always been about telling the stories that make people listen, care, and ultimately take action.

In 2019 I launched Big Shoulders Stories, harnessing my skills, talents, and deep commitment to better lives in Chicago into a focused offering: partnering with Chicago’s nonprofit organizations to identify, nurture, and showcase their storytellers and their stories.

What’s your story?

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