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Big Shoulders Stories empowered our students to share themselves and their stories—their real, true, authentic selves and stories. If you're looking to amplify voices from your organization, tell moving stories, and engage audiences in your work— Big Shoulders Stories is what you're looking for.

Jeffery Beckham, Jr.
Chicago Scholars, CEO

‍Big Shoulders Stories partnered with the Chicago Cultural Alliance to reimagine our annual gala MOSAIC into a well-executed streaming video event in partnership with City Cast Chicago. With the power of storytelling, production, editing, and personalized support from the team at Big Shoulders Stories, we raised over $62,000, 20% above our goal. Our staff also developed a strong rapport with Suzy and Adam, so much so that we know Big Shoulders will be a resource for us again in the future.

Peter Vega
Chicago Cultural Alliance, Executive Director

Suzy Kahn Weinberg came into my orbit at ConTextos back in March of 2020 at the start of Chicago’s Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing mandate. As an organization, we jumped on line as a team to connect and share stories, feelings, perspectives; to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. Suzy and technical producer Adam Yoffe teamed with ConTextos to structure and present ConTextos’ first cyber event: The Story Garden Party. At the peak of attendance, some 129 individual devices tuned in via Zoom to hear select stories from the hundreds that had been written up to that point. It was a glorious success for all. With the guidance of Big Shoulders Stories, what started as a rough idea, intended to celebrate the coming together of a disparate group of stories and storytellers, came to a most satisfying fruition.

Dr. Sharon L. Moore,
ConTextos, Coordinator of Program and Curriculum Development

Suzy is uniquely gifted. I worked with Suzy to craft and share a story which was very personal to me and which I was extremely nervous to share publicly. Suzy’s passion for storytelling goes beyond skill-building and content creation as she meets people where they are and helps them push past their own mental boundaries by encouraging them to find their true voice and tell their story in a unique and compelling way. Suzy’s patience, understanding, feedback, support and allyship truly helped me understand how to successfully push past these mental barriers and write and speak with full truth and raw honesty. I am forever grateful to Suzy for the tremendous amount of time, effort and intention that she puts into this work and I would encourage anyone to invest in themselves by working with Suzy to learn to speak and write skillfully and authentically.

Amber Townsend
Chicago Scholars, Executive Fellow

Working with Suzy and the Big Shoulders team reignited my love for creative writing! Having the space and platform to share my story was empowering and unforgettable!

LaShawn Holloway
Chicago Scholars, Associate Director of Donor & Alumni Relations

Suzy Kahn Weinberg is an amazing teacher. She joined Literacy Chicago as a volunteer to pilot a Storytelling Course for our Adult Literacy students. These students are all between 35 and 75 and have reading levels of second to fourth grade. Although Suzy was already an expert in training people to bring out their creativity through storytelling, she had never had an audience of non-readers and had to adapt her program to their level.
This 7-week pilot course was a tremendous success and the students are already asking for more.

Joanne Telser-Frere
Literacy Chicago, Director of Program Development

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